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Providing Drivers in Wake Forest, NC with Superior Service

You need quality services to keep your car working at peak performance. With reliable care that saves you money, it’s no wonder Trimax Car Care Center is where drivers go for a repair of any make or model of vehicle.

Oil Changes

As an owner of a vehicle, there are several ways to ensure your car runs the way it was designed. One of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest solutions is to get an oil change. Regular oil changes make sure your engine does not overwork itself through the dirty oil it collects. At Trimax Car Care Center, we perform countless oil changes for our valued customers. No matter what make or model of car you have, it’s always a good time for an oil change.

Wheel Alignment

Avoid rapid wear on your tires and an unnecessary purchase of new ones with our wheel alignment service. Our team will extend the life of your tires by fixing any uneven tire wear and adjusting your vehicle’s suspension system so you drive straight!

Engine Diagnostics

Those lights that illuminate on your dashboard are warning signs to get your engine checked. The earlier you bring your vehicle to us the better. A long wait can result in a total shutdown of your vehicle. We’ll use state-of-the-art equipment to perform engine diagnostics, which will precisely tell us what repairs need to be done and exactly how much it’ll cost. So remember, if you see a check engine light, call us and we’ll find and fix the problem.

Tire Services

Call the experts when it comes to tire repair, rotation, and inspection. We have new tires for any size, brand, or vehicle make, model and year. Found the right specifications? We can install them for you! And to prepare you for hitting the road, we can balance the tires based on mileage and wear.

Steering and Suspension

Stay in control of your vehicle with our steering and suspension services. If you notice your tires starting to shake, difficulties when steering, or problems driving on uneven roadways, then it’s time to come to Trimax Car Care Center. We can perform steering and suspension service for a safer and smoother ride. While you’re here, we can also fix the following:

  • Uneven wear or tires
  • Alignment issues
  • Power steering fluid
  • Steering wheel alignment
  • Out of balance tires
  • Impacts or struts
  • Tightness of bolts and nuts
  • Used or loose power steering belts

Timing Belt Replacement

Every part of your car must work in perfect harmony for it to work perfectly. When the timing belt breaks, the internal parts of the engine are immediately destroyed. Check with your owner’s manual to know when to replace your timing belt, so you can avoid buying a new engine or car. Most cars require a timing belt and chain replacement around 100,000 miles.

Additional Services

Air Conditioning
 | Brake Fluid Flush
 | Brake System Service | 
Computer Diagnostic
| Coolant Service | 
CV Axle
Differential Service
 | Electrical Diagnostic & Repair
 | Engine Repair & Replacement
 | NC Inspection | Power Steer Flush
 | Shocks & Struts
 | Starter & Alternator | 
Timing Belts
 | Transmission Replacement & Service
 | Transmission Service | 
Wheel Bearing


At Trimax Car Care Center, we appreciate our loyal customers, so we strive to give back to them in any way we can!



As a thank you to all Active or Retired Military or Law Enforcement. Present this coupon at time of service and receive 10% off any maintenance service. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, one per visit. Call shop for details.



$34.95 plus tax. Includes up to 5 (five) qts. standard oil (if your car requires more than five quarts, additional charges will apply) and standard filter. *Excludes diesel. Most cars & light trucks. Additional cost may apply for specialty filters. Call shop for details.



$68.95 plus tax. Includes up to 5 (five) qts synthetic oil and filter. (If your vehicles requires more than 5 quarts, additional charges will apply) *Excludes diesel. Most cars & light trucks. Additional cost may apply for specialty filters. Call shop for details.

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